The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words “Rei” which means Universal or Divine and “Ki” which means energy. “Reiki” means Universal or Cosmic or Divine Energy. The whole Universe is filled with this Universal or Divine life force energy. When this Universal energy or Reiki is appropriately used, we can accomplish everything in this world.

To understand Reiki Energy, let’s take the example of electricity. Electrical energy is a common form of Energy. The electrical energy which gets transmitted through wires changes its form according to the object it gets connected. It takes new dimension as light, sound and vibration depending on the type of connecting devices. Electrical energy is the basic energy behind the operation of any type of appliances or gadgets. Without it, no modern or sophisticated gadgets can be operated.
Similarly, Reiki Energy can change its form depending on the needs of a person, animal, plant or object. Reiki is being used by some masters as a remedy, only to cure physical ailments and diseases. But, in reality, Reiki can be used to overcome any challenges in human life.

“Reiki is an independent and powerful energy without any boundaries and limitations. Just as the air, Reiki is Universal and it doesn’t belong to any country, religion, ethnicity, belief or language.”

Indeed, Reiki has been in use even in the remote past. Though this energy may be interchangeably used by various names, yet, they all denote the same form of energy. Right from ancient, historical times, we would have heard about fascinating stories, incidents and people.

We might have heard about the miraculous healing powers of some people by mere touch or sight. While some others might ward off all negative energies and problems in one’s life. Such kind of wonderful beings live widely in all parts of the world at all times.

The Cosmic Energy has been the underlying force behind the miraculous healing powers of all such individuals in curing any ailments or diseases and offering remedy and solace to all grieving souls. A person who understands and channelizes this wonderful energy can lead an effective and optimal life, supporting and enhancing the lives of others. When this energy is practised effectively, nothing is impossible.


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