I launched this website, with the divine permission and guidance of the Supreme Being who created the Cosmos, with its animate and inanimate beings. I thank Him for guiding me to write and publish the articles on this website. I also thank you for choosing to access this website to understand Reiki deeper. Through this website, we will never comprehend any miraculous or magical powers, but on the contrary, we will try to perceive and realise ourselves and our inherent identity.

The Cosmic Energy or Universal Energy acts as a source of living for every single creation on this planet. It takes its form, action and reaction depending on the function, nature and purpose of the creation and creations. You, I and all living beings including every single animate and inanimate objects that can be perceived with our eyes are created through the Cosmic Energy. The entire creation and creatures are nothing but the transformation and the visible form of the Cosmic Energy.

I, who wrote this article, You, who read this and the electronic gadgets you make use of, to read this, are nothing but a numerous form of the same Cosmic Energy. To state it simply, the invisible energy has transformed itself into apparent human beings, animals, plants and other inanimate objects. We thus witness the transformed energy form through our eyes.

The Great Paranjothi Mahan specifies an admirable philosophy. “As there was nothing but the existence of a Supreme Being before the creation of this Universe, it doesn’t intend to convey that the Universe was created by Him using any anonymous or uncertain means. Rather, everything was created from Him and as a consequence whatever we see through our eyes is nothing but His replica”.

Correspondingly, as the Cosmic energy is the basic energy behind everything we behold, that is generated on this planet, they all are nothing but the metamorphosis of the same Cosmic energy. Man is a gross aggregate of millions and trillions of cells. The Cosmic energy has been the fundamental causation for those cell formation. Through this website let’s clearly ascertain that Cosmic energy, it’s imperative usage and the benefits that could be derived out of that astounding energy.

Raja Mohamed Kassim


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