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    Great Session Master Ji, very satisfied with the knowledge acquired in the session which can be related to our daily day-to-day situations/problems/resolutions.Thank you 🙏🙏

    • Rajan Santha Venkatachalam
    • Online Holistic Reiki Class
  • Client Image

    It was really good to know about Dr Edward Bach and the 38 flowers that can cure many problems in our life that now I am taking the flower medicines and feeling wonderful. Hope it reaches a lot more people… Thank you.

    • Chitra K – Bangalore
    • Bach Flower Medicine - Online
  • Client Image

    "Grateful to Prabancha Sakthi and grateful to Master who guided and gave attunement also. Easwaran "

    • Easwaran – Chennai
    • Holistic Reiki - Online
  • Client Image

    This Holistic angles with a clear vision of human life that leads to realizing own consciousness to live the life.

    • T. Jameela Beevi Thameem – Dindugul
    • Holistic Reiki - Advanced
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    Sir, உங்களிடம் ரேக்கி பயிற்சி கற்றுக்கொண்ட பின் தான் கடவுளின் உண்மையான தன்மையை புரிந்து கொண்டேன்.வாழ்கையில் முதலில் நாம் சந்தோசமாக வாழ வேண்டும்.பிறகு எல்லோர் நலனுக்காக பிராத்திப்போம் எனும் உண்மையை உங்களிடம் கற்றுகொண்டேன் ஐயா, மிக்க நன்றி.

    • சுஜாதா – காஞ்சிபுரம்
    • Holistic Reiki - Online
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    One must come across such a class in his/her lifetime. The knowledge provided by our master on acupuncture has opened our eyes on basic anatomy and healthy lifestyle. From his class, I understood that Acupuncture is not only an alternative medicine, is a great art of living. Thank you, Sir and I also extend my gratitude to all your gurujis.

    • Bagyamathi M – Krishnagiri
    • Online Acupuncture Class
  • Client Image

    Raja sir made us understand everything which a human being should know to lead a stress-free and a satisfying life he makes complicated things more simple so that we can understand and implement in our life his teachings totally changed my approach towards life thank you so much, sir.

    • Akilandeswari – Nyborg
    • Online Classes

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