Nowadays, some kids struggling to concentrate on their studies. Some of them feel tired, feel sleepy and inactive at home and school. Some kids may fall ill easily. Such health issues occurred when the kid’s body is lacking energy. Such health issues could arise, even they’re eating food regularly, or even they eat healthy foods. As per our understanding, we eat food for bodies strength and energy, but most of the people feel drowsy and sleepy after eating. The same situation happens to some kids. If the food gives strength to the body; the person who eats the food should feel more energetic and robust, but the real situation happens upside down. This kind of health issues occurs because of the weakness in the digestive system. Some kids could not digest the food properly. Since the consumed food did not digest properly, the body could not produce sufficient energy. The kid’s digestion system could exhaust or weaken when kids consuming food while they didn’t get hungry. Most of the parents feeding their kids by following the clock time. This is the starting point for most of the kid’s health issues. Parents should feed their kids only when they hungry. Humans digestive system will digest the food only when feeling hungry. If food consumed without hunger, that food will be detained in the stomach for long hours. That food could decompose inside the belly as the food decomposed when left on the table. For proper digestion, kids should be trained to concentrate on the food while eating and avoid other activities such as hear music, chatting, using a mobile phone, reading and so on. The body will produce sufficient energy when the food chewed adequately and consumed while hungry.  

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