Why class’s fees are different for Indian participants and foreign participants?

The class’s fees will be a little bit higher for foreign participants then Indian participants and remain the same for participants from Sri Lanka. The participants from growing countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, America and England will pay slightly more than the Indians.

But when compared to the class’s fees in their countries, it is still cheaper. For example, the fee for Reiki level 4&5 charged from RM5,000 up to RM10,000 in Malaysia, but we only charge RM500. Reiki level 4&5 charged from SGD3,000 up to SGD10,000 in Singapore, but we only charge SGD500. When compared with the Reiki class fee from growing countries, we charge less than 10% of the actual value, only because they are our people.

We conduct free meetings and classes every week and maintain three websites and many social groups. We need a lot of money and resources to maintain them. To fulfil those overheads, we collect a little higher fees from students of growing countries, but the difference in the amount is minimal. We use that extra income in good deeds and maintenance.

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