Physicians believe that each food contains only selected nutrition. So, they suggest particular food for particular nutritional requirements. As per their belief, only selected food could provide particular nutrition and the person who did not consume that particular food will have nutrition deficiency. In reality, which kind of food is required by the human body to sustain its health?

People always keep asking me which food should be consumed to cure certain diseases? Which food should be consumed for obtaining particular nutrition? Which food should be consumed for sustaining the body’s health? Which food contains this nutrition? Which food contains that nutrition?

My only answer for all such questions is, “Don’t ask me what to eat, but ask me how to eat”. Because, whatever you eat, if you eat it properly, your body will produce all necessary nutrition from that food. Rather than knowing what to eat, no matter what the food is, learn how to eat it properly. Any food, if consumed properly, will eventually get all the nutrients the body needs once the food is digested. Is it necessary to eat specific food for getting certain nutrition? Let me give an example to understand the human body, digestive system, and food function.

A poor woman in a rural village only eats plain rice daily. In her whole life, she had never consumed any nutritious food. One day she got married. Is it possible for her to get pregnant and give birth to a child?

If she gives birth to a baby:

  1. Will that baby have a face, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose?
  2. Will that baby have bones in its body?
  3. Will that baby have skin?
  4. Will the baby grow up?
  5. Will that baby have teeth?
  6. Will that baby have an immune system?
  7. Will that baby’s body contain all internal organs? Will they function properly?
  8. Will that baby’s body have all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutritions?
  9. The answer to all of the above questions will be, Yes! Isn’t it?

Whatever nutritions present in the body of a baby born to wealthy parents will also be present in the body of the indigent parent’s baby.There is no difference in the anatomical structure between a child born with a silver spoon and the child from a poor household. In fact, children from a poor household will be a lot healthier than children from wealthier households.

Food and Nutrition
What type of food should be consumed for obtaining the necessary nutrients?
Aren’t many nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium, Protein, Fat, Glucose, Sodium, Vitamins and Minerals required for the foetus formation?

The poor woman in the above example consumed only porridge and according to modern medicine, the porridge or rice contains just carbohydrate and little other nutrition. Then, how did that woman’s body produce all necessary nutritions just by having the porridge? How did that woman’s body provide the nutrition required for the pregnancy? How did the baby in the womb of that poor lady get all required vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, fat and all other nutrients for growing up? Pregnant women require Calcium, Magnesium, Protein, Fat, Sodium, Glucose, Vitamins, and Minerals during their pregnancy. How did that poor woman receive those nutritions? How do poor women around the world gain those nutrients without consuming nutritious foods during pregnancy?

The real fact is, that poor woman’s body produced all the necessary nutrition from the porridge she consumed daily. Just by consuming the porridge her body generated all that is required to develop and sustain the life of the foetus. It may be surprising and hard to believe, yet that’s the truth and the real fact of the human digestive system. Even today, in the Indian countryside and in other underdeveloped countries, there are many and more people who are healthy just by consuming porridge or any simple food. They don’t choose the food, and they don’t eat any special foods for their dietary needs.

There is no need to choose food
There is absolutely no need to choose or avoid any food. Just eat what you like, your body knows what to do with it. It is not important to take any special or health-conscious food but it is important to know and follow the ways or methods in which food is to be consumed.

Methods to Consume Food and the body’s rules for eating

  1. Don’t eat without a good appetite. Wait until you are quite hungry before you begin to eat.
  2. Do not drink too much water while eating.
  3. Stop eating once your appetite is satiated.
  4. Feel, Relish and Taste the food properly.
  5. Chew until the taste of the food changes and then swallow.
  6. Do not drink water 30 minutes before and after meals.
  7. Eat food that is suitable for the body and easily digestible. Consume more fruits and vegetables.
  8. Eat less at night.
  9. No matter what you eat, if it is suitable for your body, it can produce all the required nutrients from it.

Nutrients derived from food
A poor farmer who drinks the porridge or very simple food works hard. But a wealthy person eats a meal that is believed to be very healthy and nutritious, but after a meal, he suffers from stomach heaviness, tiredness and sleepiness popularly known as “ Food Coma”. Despite eating healthy and nutritious food, why does he feel so? What is the reason for these two conditions?

Foods to avoid
Avoid eating processed foods and preserved foods. The chemicals contained in those foods will harm the body.

Fruits are the best food
The only food I suggest is fruits. These fruits will provide all the energies and nutrition needed by the body. Consume more fruits, especially sweet local fruits. Fruits contain many essential nutrients such as Calcium, Fibre, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Fibre and Vitamins.

For living a healthy life and healing the illness, we do not need any special foods. We only need to choose the food which could be digested easily and eat it properly.

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