The diabetes is not a disease. In Malaysia, Singapore, India and other Asian countries diabetes become the fastest growing disease. If compared with 50 years back, the number of diabetic patients does not increase as fast as now. Why does the number of diabetic patients increase suddenly, in the last ten years? The number of diabetic patients shoots up suddenly because 50 years back diabetes was a disease, but now the diabetes is a business. Since the corporations start investing in the medical field, they convert the medical sector from service to trading. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a condition associated with an abnormally high level of sugar (glucose) in the blood. The allopathic medical system considers increasing glucose level in blood as a disease. Besides allopathic, the traditional therapeutic methods do not consider rising of glucose level as a disease. Only allopathic and other medical systems which collaborating with allopathic is suggesting that glucose level should be in a particular level. Should the glucose level be in a particular limit? No, it can’t be. Each and every single person has an inequality. Each person has a different kind of body weight, body height, and body structure. The internal and external organs of the body also have differences. Everyone eats and drink a different kind of food. The daily activities, lifestyle, and habits different too. Even the mental condition also different for each individual. Since every single human has an individuality how could their glucose level need to be the same?. The statement which recommends a single glucose level as the safe level is just propaganda for business and not a real fact. The world’s population is nearly 8 billion people, how could a specific glucose reading be healthy and safe for everyone? Why do the glucose level increases in the body? As we know the glucose is essential for the human body to function. The body’s glucose level will increase for many reasons. Some reasons are;
  1. When the digestive system does not function properly. The glucose, which the body is producing at the end of the digestion will be of the improper quality which not suitable for the human body. That kind of low-quality glucose will be circulating in the blood until identified and removed by the immune system.
  2. The body will produce additional glucose when the body needs more energy for healing diseases or weakened organs.
  3. The body will create additional glucose; If the body needs more energy to kill the harmful germs which penetrated into the body.
  4. The body will create additional glucose when needs more energy to heal the damaged body parts of people who involved in an accident.
  5. The body will create additional glucose when needs extra energy for fetal development or to heal the disease of pregnant ladies.
Do glucose harm for the body? If increasing of glucose will harm the body, Why do allopathic doctors give glucose to patients in an emergency?. Isn’t it hilarious when allopathic doctors say, It’s harmful if the body produced additional glucose by its own?; whereas they give it to the patients in an emergency. The glucose produced by the body was biochemical and it’s safe. However, the glucose which given by doctors was chemical and possibly cause side effects. How will the glucose level decrease? Whereas the glucose level increases in an emergency situation, the glucose level will back to normal when the purpose fulfils. After the healing process accomplished, after the wound and broken bones healed, after the baby born safely, the glucose level will decrease by itself without any medication. Side effects of the diabetes Most of the side effects which diabetes patients experience is caused by the drugs and not caused by diabetes. High blood pressure, kidney failure, liver diseases, ulcer, wounds and other side effects are caused by the drugs which consumed by the diabetes patients. Therefore, don’t worry about diabetes or glucose level. Please try to understand, if the glucose level increases, it means something was going wrong in the body. Just be passionate and give the body some time to heal itself and follow the body’s instructions. Please read previous articles for more details.

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