What is cancer?
Cancer refers to a tumour that grows unnaturally in the human’s body. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report; In 2015 alone approximately 15 million people around the world affected by cancer, and 8.8 million people died of cancer. One in six-person dies of this disease around the world. Approximately 16,000 children are cancer patients around the world. The worst part is, one of three cancer patient ends up with death.

The cancer types
They’re believed to be many types of cancers. I’ve sorted some popular cancer types below and read the next chapter without reading them.

Bone cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, oesophageal cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, skin cancer, leukaemia Thyroid cancer, liver cancer, uterine cancer and many more.

Cancer classified into many types, and names; But in reality, the disease is the same. Cancer named according to the detected organs.

Cancer is a business
According to a Forbes article, the cancer drug sales in 2018 estimated to be $.147,000,000,000–147 billion USD and equivalent to Rs.9567,495,000,000,00 (Rs95674.95 crore) in Indian rupee value. Many studies exposed that cancer is a human-made disease, but most of us still not aware of it. Many blogs, articles, study, and videos exposed the truth behind the cancer business, please search and study about it.

The estimated value quoted above is just for the cancer drug sales. It’s not included the doctor fees, hospital expenses, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and many other medical expenses. If add up all those expenses, it will double up the volume medical industry earn in the name of cancer. The real fact is, cancer is not a disease, but a most significant business.

Why does cancer tumour forming?
Let me tell an example to understand the tumour easily. We all will celebrate our annual celebrations. It could be Christmas, Deepavali, Ramzan, New year or something else. We will clean up the house before the festival. We will gather all wastes from the entire house; heap them in one place then packed with the rubbish back. Afterward, we will dispose of those rubbish bags, carefully from the house. It is how the tumour works.

When the immune system receives sufficient energy, the immune system will start gathering dangerous chemicals, toxins, and wastes from the body; then accumulate them in one place in the body. That body wastes similar to the waste from the house, and the tumour is the rubbish bag. That rubbish bag will be classified as a cancerous tumour. This kind of tumours is not dangerous at all for the body.

Why cancer tumour formed at some specific organs?
The cancer tumour won’t merely form at a random part of the body. The cancer tumour didn’t develop at all organs because the purpose of the tumour is to help the body to clean and eliminate the dangerous wastes from the body. So, the immune system will form a tumour only in three kinds of body parts.

  1. At the feeblest body part.
  2. At the body part which is in a minimum usage.
  3. At the body part which is less important to that person

Is cancer tumour a risk?
Cancer tumour is not a risk or dangerous for the human body. The body’s immune system will gather the hazardous body wastes and pack them with robust security. It will make sure the tumour safe and protected. The Body’s immune system will eliminate all dangerous things from that tumour gently when receiving sufficient energy.

Why do the cancer harm people?
We have seen that the cancer tumour won’t harm the body, and it’s safe; but when the cancer patient starts consuming chemical drugs, cancer will begin to damage the body.

The chemicals are not suitable, and it’s dangerous for the body; so the immune system gathers and packed all chemicals from the body into a tumour. When a patient starts consuming chemical drugs, the level of the chemical in the body will increase. When the chemical level increased, the harm by the cancer is higher too.

Will cancer bring death?
When do most of the cancer patients die? Before the treatment or after the treatment? If you think about it, you will get the answer. In fact, cancer will never cause death. Only 10% of the cancer deaths can be related to disease, and the western medical system caused another 90% of deaths.

The doctors will perform a biopsy on the tumour, to test and ensure that the tumour is cancer. When they cut or done a biopsy on the tumour. The dangerous poisons from that tumour will spread into the blood, and the patient will start dying. If you ask me, how can identify the cancer tumour without doing a biopsy? My answer will be, staying alive is more important than determining the tumour type.

The second cause of the cancer death is inadequate knowledge about the human body and fear of disease. Doctors, public media, and society are misled people by giving false information about the human body and diseases. If a patient accumulates wrong information and believes it; the fear of death start grabs the patient, and they start losing hope. Inadequate knowledge, losing hope and doubt will lead to death.

A natural solution for the cancer
Do not worry about cancer. Believe your body’s immune system. Stop all kind of chemical drugs. Stop the chemical usage in medicines, supplements, foods, drinks, cosmetics, toiletries and avoid chemicals 100%.

Eat only if hungry, have enough sleep at night. Sleep earlier at 9.00 pm daily. Eat more sweet fruits and vegetables. Keep your mind calm. Do not disturb the body and let your body do its job. Merely follow the body’s instructions. The body will recover and back to healthy.

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