When compared with previous years, the number of kidney failure and dialysis patients increasing recently. The allopathic medical system is proclaiming that they own many new medical devices, and they are advanced in the medical field. If this is a real fact, the number of hospitals and patients should be decreasing, but in reality, it happens upside down; the quantities of hospitals and patients are increasing every year. “According to the 22nd Report of the Malaysian Dialysis and Transplant Register (2014), The number of new dialysis patients increased 100%, in the past ten years. In the past four years alone, Malaysia has witnessed more than 6,000 new patients each year, who require regular dialysis. At the end of 2015, nearly 40,000 Malaysians required regular dialysis, 90% of them requiring hemodialysis treatment three times a week”. This is a severe situation. When it continues, the number of kidney patients of the world will increase five times higher, only within the next ten years. Chemicals harm the kidney. A few years back most of the dialysis patients were 50 years old and above, but nowadays patients start dialysis at 30 years old. This circumstance occurs because of increasing chemical usage. Most of the dialysis and kidney patients were previously taken drugs for some other diseases or taken vitamin, mineral, calcium or other supplement tablets. The chemicals from the foods, drinks, drugs, and pills accumulate in their kidney and dysfunction their kidneys. If a question arises how could vitamin, mineral, calcium and other supplement tablets cause kidney failures; Just answer a question, what do those tablets make of?. The primary duty of the kidney is purifying and remove the wastes from the blood. Whatever you are consuming, will be mixed with the blood and past through kidneys to be filtered. The filtered chemical will be sticking to the kidney’s wall and damage it. Everyone must realize one great fact and truth about the body and internal organs. No internal organs will shut down or failure, as proclaimed by doctors. Whoever you believed as your creator have creates you entirely, without any deficiency. Every single organ and body parts were given to you, to be used until your end. Human organs have no expiry day or usage period limitation. People fell sick only because of their lifestyle. The symptoms of weakened kidney
  1. The body loses its energy quickly
  2. The body often feels weak and tired
  3. Losing interest in sexual
  4. Swelling or pain of ankle or foot
  5. Pain in the hips, ankle or foot
  6. Thighs and hips grow more prominent than usual
  7. Disturbance or pain inside ears
  8. Soreness or burning sensation when urinating
  9. Frequent urination, especially at night
  10. Fear for no reason
The primary cause of kidney damages
  1. Consumption of medical drugs
  2. Consumption of vitamins, minerals and supplements
  3. Consumption of processed foods
  4. Consumption of coloured, flowered, chilled drinks
  5. Consumption of preserved food and drinks
  6. Consumption of boiled or filtered water
  7. Fear, irritable, anxiety and other negative emotions
  8. Sleep late at night or work at night
Natural remedy for kidney problems
  1. Stop all kind of medical drugs
  2. Stop all kind of supplements and vitamins
  3. Avoid all type of chemical usage, inner or outer of body
  4. Eat only if hungry
  5. Avoid eating cooked food at night
  6. Just eat sweet fruits if hungry at night
  7. Avoid usage of white foods, such as sugar, salt, and flour
  8. Sleep earlier daily at least on 9 pm
  9. Don’t worry or afraid of anything, keep the mind calm.
  10. Have a rest when tired
When started to following those, the immune system will strengthen and start to treat the illness. The body will back to healthy.

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