The basic understanding of human body mechanism Before continuing, we should learn a bit about the human body mechanism. There are millions of human being living on this planet. Among all, not a single of them is the same. Each human being on this planet is an individual and precious life. Even they are siblings or blood-related. Everyone has a different body structure, weight, height, body parts, and organs. The foods and drinks they consume daily will be different. The living place, occupation, daily rotating activities, lifestyle, habits and other outdoor activities, will be different for each individual. The mental condition also will be different from others. What are the average blood glucose and blood pressure level? The allopathic medical system suggested some readings as a standard or healthy readings. They suggest blood glucose should be in between 4.0-6.0 mmol/L. Blood pressure should be in 120/80 – 140/90. Sodium level should be at 135 – 145 mEq/L. We should understand that each person lives a different life and no one can be compared with others. When every individual has a different body structure and lives a different kind of life, how could their body need to be the same?. The allopathic doctors are believing that there is a standard or average calculation of the body’s glucose level, pressure level, fat level, body weight and so on. Is it a real fact?. Even in a family, each family members lives a different type of life; therefore their body needs will be various in-between them. Will a particular reading suitable for every individual?. No, can’t be and it’s all just a business propaganda. Drug companies are selling their products by spreading false information. Normal is just a business There can never exist a normal or average human body needs. Not among humans neither in other life’s. Today’s medical field, mainly allopathic medical system; become a giant business industry. Many business tycoons had invested billions of dollars in this industry. They manipulated this medical field from medication system into a money-making machine. Many healthy peoples turned into their customer by telling lies about their health. Many none scientifically proven facts spread out in the name of science to build new customers. Please try to understand that.
  1. There is no normal blood pressure.
  2. There is no normal glucose level.
  3. There is no normal sodium level.
  4. There is no normal fat level.
  5. There is no ideal body weight
Do you believe that a teacher and a truck driver need the same blood pressure?. Do you believe that an athlete and a businessman need the same blood pressure?. Do you believe an African and Asian need the same body fat?. Do you believe an American and an Indian vegetarian will have the same body glucose level?. It’s all just a business, propaganda. Didn’t exist something called ideal or normal in nature’s creation. Each and every human created with an individual capability and individual living style. So there could not be a normal, in between humans neither other lives. Even a person’s glucose and pressure level will change every hour. If you didn’t believe me, you could give a try on that. Check your glucose or pressure reading every hour, and you can notice it always changing and not the same as always.

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