Most of the time, lifestyle, and habits causing diseases in people. Here, I list down 10 of the disease-causing habits. By avoiding such practices, we could live a healthy life forever. If currently suffering from any diseases, it could be healed just by changing the lifestyle and without any medicine. 1. Eating without hungry To live a healthy life, we should eat only when hungry. The digestive system only will digest the foods properly, if eaten while hungry. When a person eats without hungry, that food will never be adequately absorbed and will remain in the stomach for long hours and could stale inside the abdomen. Those remaining foods will cause improper digestion, harm the digestive organs, and cause illness. 2. Consuming more than appetite If a person eats more than the bodies need, that additional consumed food will consider as waste by the body system. Those additional foods will never be adequately digested. 3. Less consuming fruits and vegetables Raw foods provide energy for man, but most of the time those energies will destroy or spoil when the food cooked. Fruits are the only food that could be consumed uncooked. Consuming more fruits and half cooked vegetables could provide more energy to the body to live healthily. 4. Drinking too much water without thirsty The ideal human body heat should be 98.6 °F. When drinking too much water, or drinking cold water; it will reduce the body heat. It will cause indigestion and exhaust the internal organs. 5. Sleeping late at night or working the night shift The human body created by nature to act along with the solar cycle. The man should start his activities on the day, along with the sunshine, and give the body rest at night when the sunset. The human body will actively clean the undigested foods and remove body toxins at night. When a man acts at night and denies giving body rest, his body’s internal and external organs will start weakening. The toxins start accumulates in the body. This will cause diseases to him. Everyone should sleep before 10 pm daily. 6. Detain the waste elimination from the body Detaining the elimination causes serious harm to the body. Urine and stool should not be arrested or held. 7. Stopping the body cleaning process and waste elimination Fever, cold, flu, cough, vomit, diarrhea, and such disturbances should not obstruct. Those disturbances simultaneously are helping the body to clean itself. The flu removes waste from the lungs; vomiting removes debris from the stomach, diarrhea removes residue from the intestinal, and so on. When stopping the waste elimination, those wastes will turn into a harmful toxin in the body and cause illness. 8. Work continuously while tired If the body feels tired, it means the body’s energy level is low and needs some rest to reproduce the energy. Some people will drink coffee to avoid tiredness and continue to work, drive, and so on. Drinking or eating something while tired will harm the body’s health. The small amount of energy left in the body will be divided into three portions. One part for digestion, one part for activities, and the portion for reproducing energies. This habit will weaken the internal organs. 9. Chemical usage in daily life Everything we use in our daily life like soap, shampoo, makeups, creams, and others are made of chemical or mixed with chemicals. Most of our food processed with chemicals too. Chemical drugs prescribed by allopathic doctors create permanent and deadly diseases in the human body. It’s difficult for our body to eliminate the chemicals from the body. Most of the time the substances will stagnantly in the body cause organ failures. Please avoid chemical usage in foods and daily usage and please prevent or minimize drug usage. 10. Inequality of mind Calmness is the natural state of mind. When the brain loses its peace, it will cause an imbalance in the mind and causes diseases. The emotions like pride, ego, arrogance, greed, fear, angry is a sort of disease. Each feeling will weaken a related organ and create illness. Please keep the mind calm always. Those ten habits cause diseases in man. By simply avoiding such practices, he could live healthy forever. If there were any existing diseases, can be healed without any medicine.

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