The following procedures are suggested to be adhered by Reiki Healers for better healing results:

1. The Master should meditate for 20 minutes before initiating the treatment.

2. Before treatment, the Master should seek permission, guidance, protection, and help from God and the Universe.

3. Ask the patient to sit up straight in a chair, or to lie in bed.

4. Give a brief description of the Reiki treatment.

5. Instruct the patient to remain calm and relaxed for 10 minutes before starting the treatment.

6. Both the Master and the patient should give and receive the healing with the intention of health recovery.

7. The Master must mentally make a self-protective shield before initiating the healing process.

8. Start with the cleansing process of the patient’s Aura and energy blocks from head to toe.

9. After cleansing, send Reiki energy to the patient by touching or without touching.

10. Send more Reiki energy to the affected body parts.

11. Observe the energy flow entering the Master’s body and its flow to the patient’s body during the healing process.

12. When the energy flow is slowing down or stopped, it means the healing process is complete.

13. The patient should be confident that the disease is curable and that health can be regained.

14. Guide the patient to change inappropriate food habits and lifestyles.

15. Thank God, Nature, and Reiki energy after the treatment.


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