The human body and the mind were created with the source of Cosmic Energy. Cosmic Energy continuously flows into the body to maintain the health and vitality of all beings. A man starts feeling sick or problems occur in his life when any defect occurs in the energy flow of his body. As a base of the creation, it knows to set things right when defects occur.

Through Reiki, any kind of physical or mental disease, however simple or chronic could be cured. You can also help yourself, family, friends, relatives and other fellow-beings, including animals and plants. When you send out reiki energy to the sick people, they will recover and regain their health. Animals prone to sickness or accidents will heal faster through Reiki healing. When reiki is given to withered or barren plants or trees, they will grow healthier, bearing flowers and fruits.

Reiki is undoubtedly, intelligent and wise energy. With a simple command, it will fulfil our needs; and it need not be given any command as to how to do it. When electricity gets connected to radio, television or bulb, it takes a new dimension as sound, light, and vibration depending on the type of connecting devices. Similarly, Reiki Energy will change its form depending on the needs of a person, animal, plant or object.

When Reiki energy connects to a building it will ward off all negative energies and pave the way for the accumulating positive energy in that building. When a person gets reiki energy it cures all his physical and mental imbalances and helps him to fulfil his life easily with everything he needs. You can also use this energy for distant healing and help people in far off places.

When humans understand the most appropriate ways to use the Cosmic energy that is brimming in the whole Universe, they can fulfill their requirements effortlessly.

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