Benefits that can be achieved in the life of a person after Holistic Reiki Attunement and practice can be summarized as follows:

  1. The mind becomes calm and tranquil.
  2. Enhanced powers of reasoning and intelligence. Everything could be easily perceived.
  3. Enhanced body and mind health.
  4. Health could be sustained. People who are currently suffering from illnesses could restore and enhance their health.
  5. Happy and satisfying family life. Boost in reproductive energy.
  6. Clean, clear and strong Aura and chakra.
  7. The face becomes bright and glowy.
  8. Seamless wealth accumulation.
  9. Gaining respect and influence in the family and community.
  10. Receiving guidance from the Universe.
  11. Receiving protection from evil forces and black magic.
  12. The negative energies that surround them will become neutral.


Changes in family, relationships, and society after Holistic Reiki Attunement and Practice.

  1. The purpose of life and obligations on this planet can be easily understood.
  2. Enhanced love and understanding between husband and wife.
  3. Love, understanding and relationship among family members will improve.
  4. Enriched relationships with children.
  5. Respect and influence among friends’ circle will improve considerably.
  6. Customers will do business with them gladly and confidently.
  7. Gaining respect and importance in society.
  8. Feeling of intimacy with animals and plants.
  9. Could easily understand the real cause of the events and incidents happening on this planet.


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