Presently, there are approximately 64 different types of Reiki methods in practice. Among those, one of the popular practices is Kundalini Reiki. This Reiki method is very simple and easy to practice, without Reiki symbols, mantras or complex practices. It works by activating the kundalini energy, channeling the Reiki energy, and by absorbing cosmic energy with simple practices.

It’s effective when used for good purposes with a pure mind. Just with simple commands, this Reiki will fulfil our needs with the help of cosmic and kundalini energy. This energy will get directed to the desired destination just by using the palms, commands, and mind power.

Holistic Reiki is a Reiki method that I designed by infusing physiology, psychology, lifestyle, and karmic principles, into Kundalini Reiki. The word Holistic means “Complete”. As the holistic practice comprehensively covers all the needs and circumstances of human life, I have named it “Holistic Reiki.”

Holistic Reiki will undoubtedly offer holistic guidance and support to promote the health, peace, pleasure and wealth of a person by including the whole range of cosmic energy, body, mind, waves, vibration, soul and spiritual practices under its roof. It will certainly offer a complete solution to lead a happy life.


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