The Founder of Reiki – Dr.,Mikao Usui

The credit of introducing Reiki to the world goes to Dr.Mikao Usui. Usui was born on 15th August 1865, at Taniai in Japan. He underwent a 21-days prayer, fasting and meditation practice called “Yama” on Mount Kurama in the early 1920s. The rigorous spiritual practice at Kurama involved self-discipline and austerity.

It was during these 21-days, Usui realised the alive and active Universal Energy “Ki” or “Chi” functioning everywhere. He also understood that this Universal or Cosmic Energy can be used to cure any diseases and sufferings of humans.

He descended from Mount Kurama, after completing his relentless spiritual practices and started curing the diseases of the villagers and helped them to come out of their challenging and most difficult problems. I don’t agree that by undergoing rigorous practices just for 21-days, one can attain this state. Rather, I feel that his self-discipline, self-control, proper food habits and practises which he had disciplined right from his early age had blessed him with this wonderful wisdom.

Usui taught Reiki to over 2000 students during his lifetime. Some of these students continued their training and reached the “Master” or “Shinpiden” level. Dr. Mikao Usui passed away on 9 March 1926.


Reiki in Tokyo – Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a disciple of Dr. Mikao Usui was born on 15 September 1880 at Tokyo. He learnt Reiki from Dr.Usui and established a Reiki clinic in Tokyo, Japan. Dr.Hayashi played a significant role in spreading and expanding Reiki out of Japan and for turning it into systematic medical practice. He was a Naval Physician and practiced Reiki to treat his patients. He also trained many students and passed away on 11 May 1940.





Reiki in Western World – Mrs.Hawayo Hiromi Takata

Mrs.Hawayo Hiromi Takata was born on 24 December 1900 in Hawaii, the United States Of America. She was instrumental in spreading Reiki to the Western countries and for its popularity in today’s world. A piece of verbal information states that Ms. Takata had been to Japan to meet her family members. While she was there, she unexpectedly fell sick. The doctors advised her to undergo an operation. Ms. Takata did not give her consent for the operation and started searching for alternative medicines to recover.

As she was unable to find any suitable medical practice to cure her, she finally agreed for the operation. While she was getting ready for the operation, she heard an oracle”, The cure for your disease is in Tokyo. Go there”. She immediately cancelled the operation and proceeded to Tokyo. She underwent Reiki treatments in Hayashi’s clinic and regained her health.

During that time, Japan was in many wars. Men were forced to fight in the war. Dr. Hayashi feared that this wonderful Reki art would come to an end if all men who knew Reiki died in the war. Considering the fact that Mrs. Takata is a foreigner and to preserve and spread this amazing practice, Dr. Hayashi trained Mrs. Takata in the Reiki art.

Mrs.Takata learnt and practiced Reiki thoroughly and after she returned to America, she established a clinic. She not only treated patients there but also taught Reiki to the Western people. From the West, this art slowly started spreading to the rest of the world. Today millions of people are benefitted out of reiki. Thanks to Mrs. Takata for her tireless and unflinching efforts in popularising Reiki.

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