Reiki Treatment Procedure

The following procedures are suggested to be adhered by Reiki Healers for better healing results: 1. The Master should meditate for 20 minutes before initiating the treatment. 2. Before treatment, the Master should seek permission, guidance, protection, and help from God and the Universe. 3. Ask the patient to sit up straight in a chair,


To Live a Peaceful Life with Reiki

“The energy of the mind is the essence of Life” – Aristotle People who rejoice Reiki as a way of life need not practice anything separately to improve their family, society or financial status. They will receive the required wealth and other material comforts at the perfect time. When the Human mind, Energy, Chakras, and


Aura – The light body

Aura is a kind of light that surrounds the human body. It is also called as light body. Aura is located above the skin surface, like a layer of blanket. Everyone can feel the existence of the Aura but cannot see it with naked eye. Aura works together with vibration and waves of the body.


The Chakras and their Characteristics

What are Chakras? There are seven energy banks in the human body called Chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or spinning. Chakra is a power centre to generate, absorb, save and distribute the respective chakra related energy to its related organs and to fulfil human needs. Each of the Chakras will produce


Personal gains through Holistic Reiki Attunement & Practice

Benefits that can be achieved in the life of a person after Holistic Reiki Attunement and practice can be summarized as follows: The mind becomes calm and tranquil. Enhanced powers of reasoning and intelligence. Everything could be easily perceived. Enhanced body and mind health. Health could be sustained. People who are currently suffering from illnesses

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

History of Reiki

The Founder of Reiki – Dr.Mikao Usui The credit of introducing Reiki to the world goes to Dr.Mikao Usui. Usui was born on 15th August 1865, at Taniai in Japan. He underwent a 21-days prayer, fasting and meditation practice called “Yama” on Mount Kurama in the early 1920s. The rigorous spiritual practice at Kurama involved

Holistic Reiki

Holistic Reiki

Presently, there are approximately 64 different types of Reiki methods in practice. Among those, one of the popular practices is Kundalini Reiki. This Reiki method is very simple and easy to practice, without Reiki symbols, mantras or complex practices. It works by activating the kundalini energy, channelling the Reiki energy, and by absorbing cosmic energy


Which is the best food to sustain health?

Physicians believe that each food contains only selected nutrition. So, they suggest particular food for particular nutritional requirements. As per their belief, only selected food could provide particular nutrition and the person who did not consume that particular food will have nutrition deficiency. In reality, which kind of food is required by the human body

Cosmic Energy

An Introduction to the Cosmic Energy

I launched this website, with the divine permission and guidance of the Supreme Being who created the Cosmos, with its animate and inanimate beings. I thank Him for guiding me to write and publish the articles on this website. I also thank you for choosing to access this website to understand Reiki deeper. Through this


Reiki and its Benefits

The human body and the mind were created with the source of Cosmic Energy. Cosmic Energy continuously flows into the body to maintain the health and vitality of all beings. A man starts feeling sick or problems occur in his life when any defect occurs in the energy flow of his body. As a base

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