Aura is a kind of light that surrounds the human body. It is also called as light body. Aura is located above the skin surface, like a layer of blanket. Everyone can feel the existence of the Aura but cannot see it with naked eye. Aura works together with vibration and waves of the body. Aura changes its colour and vibrations according to the nature of the person’s mind, thinking, physical health and circumstances. Aura serves as a communicative bridge between fellow humans, animals and plants. In another way, it serves as a protective shield for humans.

(Aura models of humans)

Aura and its vibrations can be felt by all humans, animals and plants. Our feelings changes when we see someone because of that person’s Aura. We love, respect, believe, be compatible, or hate someone even though we do not know their true characteristics because of their Aura. Their Aura, wave, and vibration would reveal their true character to others.

Dogs may remain calm when they see a few people, while may bark when they see a few people. Cats may come and rub against a person to express their love and feline greeting. The Aura of a person is the prime reason behind such behaviour of dogs and cats as animals can easily feel a person’s Aura.

Animals, birds, fish and other creatures may move freely with some people while they may get scared and run away seeing others. Again, the person’s Aura is the reason behind such behaviours. As Aura changes according to the thoughts and feelings of individuals, fellow humans and animals understand their thoughts and intentions through their Aura.

Changes or impacts caused due to persistent or stubborn negative thoughts over a long period of time can affect the Aura, making it vulnerable causing holes and giving way for association with bad Auras.

Therefore, it is possible to develop deficiencies, disturbances and illnesses in the Aura affected area causing imbalances in energy and disturbances in mental, physical and emotional health leading to diseases.

Our thoughts, lifestyle, family members, friends, and even outsiders can affect our Aura. Proper food habits, relationships, friendships, feelings and thoughts is the way to protect our Aura. Through some exercises, you can see the Aura of a person with the naked eye. Aura can also be filmed through the Kirlian camera.

(My Aura recorded with Kirlian Camera a few years back)

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