Father of Indian Acupuncture, Dr. Fazlur Rahman MBBS DV MD Ph.D. (Acu) suggest an acupuncture point for cure almost 95% of women’s health issues. This acupuncture point can benefit both men and women. Advantages of the suggested acupuncture point
  1. Could rectify the spleen and stomach, and improve digestive proses
  2. Could prevent breast cancer and uterus cancer
  3. Could cure the tumors of uterus and breast
  4. Could prevent and cure diseases, related to the cervix and breast
  5. Could cure white discharge
  6. Could improve the menstrual cycle
  7. Could reduce the bodyweight
  8. Could prevent diabetes
  9. Could prevent lungs and skin diseases
  10. Could help to recover and maintain the total body health
The CV13 acupuncture point can cure diseases mentioned above and most of the women’s other health issues. With just a touch and some massages on that acupuncture point once a week, ladies can defend themself from most of the health issues and current diseases will be cured. The location of that acupuncture point
The CV13 acupuncture point located in the middle of the body line. It is located above the navel, at five body inches from the center point of the navel. How to calculate the body inches One body inch in acupuncture means, one-third of the index finger. One index finger has three body inches. The body inches should be measured with the index finger of the person who wants to receive the treatment. The treatment method
  1. Lay down on the bed
  2. Measure and find the point location
  3. Use the tip of the index finger.
  4. Touch the point gently.
  5. Then, give a little pressure.
  6. The index finger should be pressed half an inch in the skin.
  7. Hold the pressure for two minutes.
Treatment period
  1. The person without health issues should massage, once a week at night before sleep.
  2. The person with health issues should massage for three days continuously, twice a day. Once in the morning when wake up and once at night before sleep.
  3. After three days, perform treatment once a week. To maintain the health.
Please share this article with others. This acupuncture point will be helpful for health recovery and maintaining women’s health.

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